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My name is Lazurina Irina.

I am the owner of cattery of Persian,exotic and Scottish cats.I ive on the West of Russia in the beautiful city of Kaliningrad.l

"Irinini Grezi *RU"Cattery is registered in St. Petersburg, club "Bastet"FIFE
Our animals have high titles on multiple systems.

We guarantee the authenticity of the pedigrees and professionalism on the preservation of the uniqueness of the rocks,

breeding and successful show career.

Our cattery is registered in two of the most serious systems.

1 August 2013 г.пришли documents for registration of the nursery for the CFA system

The site contains

pictures иинформация about kitten and adult cats and cats,Scottish fold ,exotic and Persian rocks.

Each mating my manufacturers planned in advance and is of a professional nature. The presence in the nursery of a sufficient number of manufacturers, cats , allows to use вязкам with cats of other catteries only in isolated cases. This helps to maintain a pure genetic lines and kennel

to guarantee the health of the offspring.

Cattery specializes in breeding of various colors.

Solid (blue-blue, black is black, cream-.cream,

red-red) all kinds of drawing (spot-spotted, marble-classic,

striped-mackerel), all variations of white (биколоры,

harlequins, Vanir), as well as the rare colors - -ticked tabby, color point (seal point, chocolate point, red point, cream

point, cinnamon point, fawn point).

Breeding line American and Russian: Marhei, Paddington, Red Sky, Midas, Spellbound, Light Air, Prestega, Russian Dawn,

Doll Like, Golden Eyes, Prestega, Lukson, Fairviewers, Pensfordhill, Caravan, Chun Lap, Calivan, Granddelight, Cotn Hill, Ximuly,

Diamond Wood, Maki,Malinka ,Capriz-Tati ,Vita-Nova,Amfion,Catillak,Desmin

You can contact the nursery:

- on purchase of a kitten

- advice on growing

I hope that the site will leave you a good impression.
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The site is continuously updated with useful and interesting information.
All the news you can find by visiting the page "news".
Many kittens found new дом.Посмотреть by opening the "Our graduates"

If You are interested in kittens sold,open the page " Kittens for You "Cattery is registered in St. Petersburg, club "Bastet"FIFE




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