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Kittens available

AVAILABLE - kitten-free and looking for a new home and loving owners. You can be interested in them about the possibilities of acquisition.

RESERVED -for the kitten made a Deposit.

PRELIMINARY RESERVE- status is determined, the Deposit is not made, a kitten can be free at any time.

-the kitten's got all the amount and he is prepared to be sent to or already sent to the new house.


On all matters regarding the purchase of a kitten, please contact us by e-mail: lazurinairina@mail.ru or fill in the form

In the letter, please specify:

2 City and country of residence

3 The purpose of baying(оn the pillow or in breeding)

4.Name catteryl (site if there is)

English (United Kingdom)

Котята Bessi



Zak Dan Meyt of Irinini Grezi Capriz- Tati Bessi of Irinini Grezi





Порода Пол


d 03

(красный с белым)


Irinini Grezi Helen











Conditions of reservation of a kitten

Our kittens are ready to move into a new house not earlier than 2,5 months of age. Kittens have prolonged breastfeeding and permanent contact with the mother. Move to new owners fully inured to the tray with the filling to когтеточке and to self-food (dry fodders, raw beef, молочн products).Привитыми by age! The majority of our kittens are sold under the castration - because we are against the uncontrolled and purposeless breeding.

Acquired all of the kittens, regardless of the quality, after registration of the Contract of purchase-sale of a kitten, which protects the interests of the seller and the buyer. Tray and sovochek, bowls for feeding, a filler, a container or bag to carry kitten please purchased in advance.

After the kitten please come NECESSARILY from transport. Now you begin pleasant trouble and joyful life! It is very important that all our kittens have found a loving and caring family...All of our kittens are raised with love and surrounded by our concern. And we hope that our fluffy lumps will take a worthy place in your heart and be happy and warm up the many years!

1. Amount of the allowance is from 50 up to 100% depending on the total cost of the kitten.
2. The terms of the prepayment for the inhabitants of remote regions of the cashless transfer or electronic payment systems (Yandex money , Webmoney, Sberbank, Alfa Bank)
3. Date of the reservation of an animal is set by agreement of the parties (breeder and buyer) but not more than one month.
4. In case of refusal, absence (without warning breeder buyer) from the reserved them kitten to the agreement period, the amount of the paid provision is not returned or if the allowance of 100% is returned only 50% of the value of the animal. The reason is not the return of funds is the cost of food and care for the pet and the refusal of others who wish to acquire it, because reserved kitten is removed at time of reservation with the sale.
5. In case of refusal of the breeder (for whatever reason) the buyer reserved the kitten in the transfer to it of the kitten, in this case, it returns the entire proposed by the amount of the provision.
6. Reserved, by agreement of the parties kitten, kitten is only then, when the he received advance and in writing of the breeders and kennel sent or delivered to the letter and receipt of obtaining money. In all other cases, reservation of the words) the kitten is not considered to be reserved and can be sold to any potential buyer.
7. Breeder reserves the right to refuse the reservation and purchase from him kitten any непонравившемуся him to the buyer.

We do Not sell:

THOSE, who need very little kitten up to 1.5 months, those who want a kitten while it is small-as a toy for the child.

Remember, that You get is not a toy for a child or for yourself by the time you get the friend for 15-20 years, which will depend on You completely!

And from that ,how will You relate to it and care for him depends on his fate!..

We do Not sell:

THE one considers free-range normal, those who are going to delete the claws of animals, the who considers castration inhumane action

and the " who IS unable to adequately feed the animal expensive feed and provide decent CARE(the cat did not explain anything about the economic crisis, nor about the urgency of the family in something).

AFTER all, the CONTENT of CATS OR the CAT IS NOT CHEAP and if the cat save, it will inevitably fall ill and will give you much more of a hassle and waste of resources on trips to the vet and medicines.

The cat does not understand that her songs are the owners nervous, she lives by their own the animal laws of that people, once they took the beast in the house, should at least understand them!

Acquired a pet in a kennel exchange and is not


When you purchase an animal You must have a good

think about all this and

weigh, exclude any probability of  !!!!!

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