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Exhibition on May ,6 th,2012

Exibition of cats Kaliningrad on May,6th 2012

ZIriska Irinini Gryozy,s cat was exposed


Narkevish I.(AB Belarus MFA)

Tarasenko T.(AB Belarus WCF)

Mlenic N !(AB Russia MFA)

The Toffee has received three tittles CAC and has been nominated on BEST


WCF 31 March-1 of April 2012 Smolensk

Iin an exhibition porticipation cat Nasturciya Magic Passion  

Quantity of animal -125 cat


Emelyanova T.(WCF AB Rossia)

Ermakova O.(MFA  AB Rossia)

Nasturciya has closed a  titl  I.CH jn WCF and in spite of the fact that it have attached to PDSH

Nasturciya there thas 1 day-Best op.sex groups PDSH

And 2 day- Best of Best 2

Show of Persians -the Best abult animal!



Exhibition on March ,25 th,2012

Exit regional exhibition on March,25 th system  MFA

From nursery the cat the Iriska from Irinini Grezi was  exposed in juniors

And cat Nastursiya Magic Passion

Judicial structure:

Fomina T.(Moscow MFA  AB)

Takmacova I.(Moscow CFA the guest jadge)

Nasturciya Magic Passion has closed a ftitel of the big international champion on MFA and becam Best of Best


The Iriska from Irininy Grezi was exposet  in juniors,has received ex1 and  becam Best junior




Minsk Febriari,4-5 th 2012

Minsk on Februari ,4-5 th 2012 MFA

Judges N.E.Mlenik (Kaliningrad AB)

I.Narkevich (Belarus AB)

Capriz-Tati Bessi

Has reseived two estimation CACIB and American Beste became the third best abult animals!



Exhidition on January,14th 2012

On January,14 th 2012 system WCF exhidition has taken place

Mironov,s judge  (S.Peterburg AB)

From nursery took part  Capriz-Tati Bessi

Bessi has  received the second  CAC and became  Best of Best 2



Exidition jn December,18 th

Exhidition of cats of system on December,18th,2011

Judges Narkevich I(AB  Belarus)

Mlennik N.E.(AB Kaliningrad)

Baricheva G.(the chairman of examination board MFA  AB  Moscow)

Abaut nursery  took part cat Nasturiya Magic Passion

And Kitty Capriz-Tati Bessi

Nasturciya became  Best Op.Sex

Capriz-Tati Bessi  has typed  identical quantity of Points wish the Don sphinx, but has given way to it  and Becam Best  in Show 2



Moskow CFA


30 Oktober,30 TH en exhidition Moskow system CFA  CAPRIZ-TATI  BESSI has closed  a title of the champion  on  CFA

Robert Zenda -CFA  AB judge USA

Karen Lawrens-CFA  AB judge USA

John Wedster-CFA  AB judge USA

Irina Kharchenko- AB guest judge Moskow,Rossia

Irina Tokmakova-AB  guest judge Moskow,Rossia

Nadejda Roumyantseva -AB judge Moskow,Rossia




Exibition Smolensk on October,1-2

EXIBITION of CATS club of Fans of Cats of "MARQUIS"  the city of  Smolensk

On October,1-2 st,2011                                                                                                              


Tatyana Tarasenko(Al breeds,WCF Belarus)

Marina Letvina(PDH,KH,WCF,Rossia)

Elena Shevshenko(Al dreed,MFA,Rossia)

From cattery action  Nasturciya Magic Passion and Capriz-Tati Bessi

Nasturciya has closed  CAC and has opened  CACIB  on WCF and two days  has been nominated on BEST

The lisensed show of kittens and juniors(Shevchenko) the firstCapriz-Tati Bessi

Best op. sex the   junior 2 deys Capriz-tati Bessi dy a lot



Our victories 2011


Exibitionjnf Ceptember, 11 TH MFA "Triumpf cat"

11 September there has passed an txhidition on clab sistem MFA  "Triumpf cat" Jadges  Takmakova I.J

(AB  the independent expert Moscow)

Ermakova O.A(AB  MFA Moscow) and Mlenik N.E.(AB MFA Kaliningrad)

From nursery  cats were exposed

Cat Nasturciya Magic Passion

Cat  capriz-Tati Bessi

Cat Iriska Irininy of a dreams

Cat Nasturciya Magic Passion has reseived 2 titles CAC  and one title CACIB and became BEST OF BEST

Cat Capriz-Tati Bessi becam BEST in SHOW Junior

From nurseri little girl Iriska   Irinini  Grezi was exposed there was the second in the group


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