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Exhibition WCF Kaliningrad on March 23-24

The judge:

Gulyanskaya G(AB, WCF)

I.Balchiuniene(AB Litva)

Participated graduate of our kennel Yesenia Irinini Grezi and Capriz Tati Casey

Yesenia received their two CAC nomination and became BEST 4

Casey i got 2 titles CAC and a nomination both days



Exhibition of the 20 January 2013 Kaliningrad

The judge Mlennik N.(AB Kaliningrad) AFC

Exhibited Capriz-Tati Casey of Irinini Grezi

Zak Dan Meyt of Irinini Grezi

American ring adult Casey 2 place

The ring of young Zak 2 place



The exhibition of 15 December WCF Kaliningrad

The exhibition of 15 December WCF Kaliningrad

Judge T. Балчиунас

Exhibited Casey

Best opposite sex  junior




Exhibition of 2 December ,2012 FARUS

Exhibition of 2 December FARUS


Emelyanova T. - Chairman of the FARUS ( WCF AB ,Farus AB Moscow)

Exhibited Сasey

Casey became the Best in their group of Junior




The exhibition on November 24 ,2012 AFC Kaliningrad

The judge:

Rogoshova-Kuzaco O.(AB independent Belarus)

Mlennik N.(AB Kaliningrad)

In the exhibition took part seal Casey

The American Congress is the ring of young 2nd place

The best in color

Best in breed

Best Junior of his group

By ticket voting gave place tho the cats breed munchkin



Exhibition 27-28 October 2012 WCF Smolensk


Artem Mineev(AB, WCF, Russia)

Vasily Ruzin(AB, FARUS, Russia)

Lyudmila Вьюгина(SH,SOSH, WCF, Russia)

Exhibited seal Capriz-Tati Casey of Irinini Grezi in Junior class

BEST Op. JUNIOR Capriz-Tati Casey of Irinini Grezi
Show cats Persian and Exotic Shorthair breeds
expert Vasily Ruzin
BEST Junior Capriz-Tati Casey of Irinini Grezi
WCF - ring young 1 day
expert Artem Mineev
5 place № 3 - Capriz-Tati Casey of Irinini Grezi
WCF - ring young 2 day
expert Vasily Ruzin
4 site № 3 - Capriz-Tati Casey of Irinini Grezi



Exhibition of cats September 30, 2012 Kaliningrad

30 September was held the exhibition of AFC system

The judge:

Mlennik N.YE.(AB Kaliningrad)

Fomina N.(AB Moscow)

Ermakova O.A.(AB Moscow)

Exhibited Nika Capriz Aleni of Irinini Grezi

Capriz-Tati Casey of Irinini Grezi

Nika was exhibited in junior.Get  assessment отл.1

All breed show-4 place

American the ring.Best  in breed,best in color.

Casey Best junior in its group

And Best of Best junior

Best place 4



Exhibition on July,1st 2012 MFA Kaliningrad

From nursery the Persian cat Capriz-Tati Bessi took part

Bessi has closed title CAGCIB and has been nominated on BEST

In kittens the Scottish kitty of the Nicka Alena's Capriz was exposed

Nickname has received EXL 1 and has been nominated on BEST

Monopedigree Show of the Scottish cats of 9 animals-5 a place

Also became the best kitten in the group and the best kitten of an exhibition!


Exhibition WCF Smolensk 23-24 June2012

130 cats


A.Nazarova(AB Russia)

N.Lebedeva(AB Russia)

In exhibition kitty Capiz-Tati Bessi eccepted

Bessi has received 2 titles CAGCIB and была2 day it is nominated on BEST

WCF a ring-26 animals 10 place


On May, 26th advertizing exhibition WCF

On May,26 th advertizing exhibition WCF of club "West Star" has taken plase

Competition of suits Kukla Irininy Grezi kitty of  a dream took part  and has received  a cup for 2 place




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